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Выкладываю на всеобщее обозрение виньетки для фотомонтажа в программе Photoshop CS4.

фотомонтаж, коллаж

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Hi! I'm nes here and in a bit of a hurry to know this:
What are the legal problems when it comes to post manipulated photos?
I work so far with one celebrity in different backgrounds, pretty simple head swaps in cases, but given the celebrity it all makes sense. None of the photos I use is mine, I use it for pure fun and no profit is being made, and well, it's not of massive appeal really. I post them in lj all the time, but I wanna have a page for them outside, something free btw.
Is this gonna give me problems?
I imagine you're tired of this question? I'm sorry, it's just that I can't afford to browse thoroughly...
Thank you