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photoshopular's Journal

Yahoo's Most Photoshopular!
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calamityjon and manningkrull have been obsessing over the spectacle that is Yahoo's Most Popular news page for years now, and occasionally they see photos in there that are so ludicrous and begging to be messed with, they just can't help but fire up Photoshop and make some mischief. Join us in editing, manipulating, combining, and generally desecrating Yahoo's Most Popular photos, and posting them in this community. No, seriously, it's actually fun once it gets going. Try it.

Some Tips From The Boys

•Not everyone reads YMP before checking out Photoshopular, and sometimes photos roll off the front page. For everyone's benefit, consider linking up the posts which make up your composition.
•My personal feeling is: If it needs a caption to be funny, then it's not a very good Photoshop edit. I mean, a picture's worth a thousand words, right, how could they all be unfunny words?

•Please be funny.
•Simple head swaps aren't funny.
•Word balloons aren't funny.
•Funny captions aren't funny, especially when you're adding them to other people's work.
•Overt sexual innuendoes usually aren't funny.
•For the love of god, please be funny.

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